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If you have any unanswered questions after reading the FAQ please contact us directly on 07894075915. 

(Mobile repair) How much does it cost?
From £49.95 for a 15" basic wheel with light damage based on all 4 being repaired, costs increase with the size, complexity and severity of damage. Note: all our prices include VAT, please keep this in mind if getting quotes elsewhere.

    Do we do any other automotive repairs, dents or scratches?
    No, unlike other companies we specialise in alloy wheels only. Companies that say they can do them all are generally a "jack of all trades, master of none", some will also use bodywork paint to do your alloys which is not as durable.

    Why use the "Mobile Repair" service?
    The mobile refurb is designed for those people who can't be without their car for more than 1 day, traders and people looking to restore their wheels to their former glory. Example: Lease company just rang to say ther are collecting the car next monday... Wheels are kerbed? What do you do? Ring us, we will come to you and sort the wheels straight away for a fraction of the cost of the lease company.

    Why choose a mobile repair over a standard fixed location bodyshop/garage?
    The most important thing we offer is convenience, we have the job done the same day unlike static sites that will take between 4-7 working days to turn your wheels around. The wheels are taken off your car to be repaired, then left on axle stands untill they are refitted. For most people, having their car off the road for upto 7 working days is not an option.

    Are we insured?
    We are fully insured to work on and move our customer's vehicles as well as having public liability cover.

    Are repairs guaranteed?
    Wheels will come with a standard 12 month guarantee. *Please see our "Terms and Conditions" for all work done.

    How long does it take?
    Once you have made an appointment with one of our technicians, the repair itself will take between 1-2 hours for a single wheel and between 3-5 hours for a set of four. This depends on damage and complexity of the wheel. Static garages can take upto 1 week and you car will be off the road during this time.

    Can I use my vehicle after the work has been carried out?
    Yes, once the wheels have been refitted to your vehicle it can be used.

    How do you refurbish/repair my alloys?
    This information can be found on the "Our Services" page.

    Can you refurbish my split rims?
    If you have split rims please contact us for more details.

    Can you match the colour of my wheels?
    Yes, on the rare occasion that we are unable to match the colour we would notify you. In such circumstances it is possible to use a close colour match. We would suggest that if two wheels are done they are both on one side if the car is older than 18 months.

    Will the value of my car increase?
    Yes, damaged alloy wheels can affect the vehicles appearance. Your newly refurbished alloys would revitalize the appearance and possibly increase the value of your vehicle.

    What do you need to repair my wheels at home/work?
    All we need is a flat level hard standing. It will need enough space to be able to jack your car up, park a large van and be within 20 metres of 2 power points. If at work you may also need to speak to your employer. If you car has locking wheel nuts please make sure they are with the car

    Do I need to prepare the wheels before you get here?
    No, but a clean wheel is much easier and faster for us to work on. Please do not use any "wet look" silicone based tyre dressing on your car prior to us coming to do your wheels, it has to be completly removed (which takes a long time) it can cause adhesion issues during and after painting, if we arrive and there is silicone on the tyre the 12 month warranty will be void.

    Can you repair diamond cut wheels?
    We can repair diamond-cut alloys but not on a same-day service, typically 7 days. Alternatively most customers decide on a hard wearing painted finish because it resists corrosion better and will last much longer. There is no warranty on anything diamond cut.

    "Please see our Terms and Conditions for all work done"

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